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Megafon system LLC was founded in 2014 as a company for marketing and consulting services.

Megafon system LLC Belgrade main activities are advising business entities in the market of Serbia, Europe and the world, as well as mediation in trade and consulting activities in order to implement and contract business agreements of all participants.

Marketing and consulting services – Mediation in international trade projects and research in improvement application of trading goods have contributed that Megafon system LLC become an important link in the business of a large number of companies around the world. Megafon system LLC has connections with international trade companies that operate on the world market and Megafon system LLC act as intermediary company that instead of them find suppliers or buyers for raw materials or certain finished products.

Megafon system LLC has distinguished itself on the market by respecting the adopted international business standards, as well as standards in communication with business partners.

Fast communication, logistics and international open market have greatly contributed to a significant change in the trading system. Today, you can buy and sell large quantities of goods using your phone and computer, while achieving significant business results.

Megafon system – Marketing and consulting services

Megafon system LLC Belgrade has recognized the importance and potential and has been developing a network of companies with good cooperation relationship over the years of together work. Today, we can boast of several important agreements signed and cooperation with over 50 global companies that trade in various types of goods.

The products that are most often the subject of trade are:

  • Sugar ICUMSA 45 / 100-150 / 600-1200
  • Wheat
  • Agro and wood pellets
  • Copper Cathodes
  • Soyabean
  • Wheat Flour
  • Corn
  • Refined sunflower oil – RSFO
  • Raw sunflower oil – CSFO
  • Crude soybean oil – CSBO
  • Urea46 – artificial fertilizer
  • Manganese
  • New rails
  • Used rails – scrap rails
  • Aluminum A7
  • Chicken meat
  • Canned fish
  • Oil derivatives
  • Diesel fuel
  • Cocoa
  • Robusta coffee
  • Fruits and vegetables from Africa
  • Milk and cheese products
  • Fruit juices

Megafon system LLC Belgrade has signed agreements on business cooperation for project work with partners in Egypt, exceptional cooperation with partners from Russia, Ukraine and several partners from South Africa and Brazil, as well as consulting companies from Germany, USA, Italy and Spain. Also, several companies from Serbia have entrusted us with representation in foreign markets.

By respecting all international standards in trade mediation and insisting on procedures in the company’s business, Megafon system LLC Belgrade is recognized as an important partner. The customer and supplier base is growing daily with new inquiries for cooperation with our company.

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Consulting services

  • Business Consulting
  • Energy consulting (increasing energy efficiency and implementing Renewable Energy Sources)
  • Consulting in IT and business communications
  • Market positioning consulting
  • Consulting for the development of the sales sector

Mediation services

  • Intermediation in trade on the international market
  • Complete conduct of business negotiations on behalf and for the account of the buyer or supplier
  • Monitoring of business negotiations and their realization

Training center services

  • Business skills training
  • Complete team building organization services for companies
  • CEFE trainings for entrepreneurs aimed at increasing the quality of business management

Other Services


Our goals

To generate a high standard of service for our customers

To build trust and respect with our customers, suppliers and associates

To offer top service on very competitive terms

To grow and develop in business as well as in private life

Business quality and safety policy

Megafon system LLC has built a respectable brand in mediation in international trade, based on which we are recognized in the market for the high quality of service and respect for international standards of communication and business.

We have achieved goals thanks to

Constant monitoring of customer and supplier requirements

By monitoring and applying modern technologies

By selecting quality associates and constantly acquiring new knowledge

By motivating associates to achieve maximum results

By harmonizing processes and products with legal regulations and standards

Concern for the preservation of the environment

By taking measures to improve the quality of mediation services

By exchanging information on the quality and safety of products offered with all stakeholders

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Megafon system – Belgrade


Bulevar oslobođenja 64/16,
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
+381 11 3067006

Managing director

Zoran Cvetković,
BA in Political Science

Trading manager

Aleksandar Radukin,
Msc. physics

Project manager

Jelena Cvetković,
BA in Economics